Teaching mindfulness.

Mindfulness began in the 80’s as a new wave, but perhaps it was imported in the ’70’s. It has now become a emergent phenomenon in the West. Its’ popularity and demand outstripping the evidence and the supply, it would seem. It’s no wonder in this connected world with IT communication at its’ peak, that this would happen. Mindfulness doesn’t require a ‘guru’ around whom it’s only situated, but is decentralized. Pretty much anyone trained appropriately can teach it. When it first started in the East certain bhikkhus (monks) who were advanced in their own training, were able to teach it to others. The idea that after 10 years of practice, one could be advanced enough to teach it to another was prevalent, and termed ‘upasampada‘. No such time requirement exists in the West, and the quality of the teachers might suffer, as a result.

Photo by Arthur Brognoli on Pexels.com

Published by matheeshagunatil333

I am a meditation instructor, mindfulness facilitator and psychiatrist. I have conducted 10,12,and 14 day retreats in the South London and Suffolk and conducted meditation groups for 5 years at Thames Buddhist temple. I am currently exploring mindfulness in Bipolar affective disorder in my professional practice.

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