Awareness of mental objectification

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2600 years ago, in the Honeyball Sutra, the Buddha talks about how the mind creates reality. It talks of how the mind perceives raw phenomena and how it objectifies them. For example vague and fuzzy images of a flower can be reified into a solid flower, by the processing power of the mind. The mind ‘creates’ the world we live in, despite only ever knowing electrical impulses it receives via the sense organs. This process of objectification can be senses through a subtle act, of mindfulness..

Published by matheeshagunatil333

I am a meditation instructor, mindfulness facilitator and psychiatrist. I have conducted 10,12,and 14 day retreats in the South London and Suffolk and conducted meditation groups for 5 years at Thames Buddhist temple. I am currently exploring mindfulness in Bipolar affective disorder in my professional practice.

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