Mindfulness ‘of the mind’?

When light, sound, food, touch etc contacts the body, the corresponding (eye, ear, tongue, etc..) sense organs pick up these stimuli, and the electrical stimulus is sent via a nerve to the brain. The brain then unpacks that electrical signal, much like a TV unlocks the electrical signal of cables, and converts it into anContinue reading “Mindfulness ‘of the mind’?”

Mindfulness of breath, continued

Mindfulness of breathing is  a very blissful process: however this does not mean the bliss lasts. At deep levels of the practice, after states of mystic absorption call ‘jhana‘ the bliss can extend up to an hour or so after the state has ended, leaving one with a feeling of complete peace, afterwards. It mightContinue reading “Mindfulness of breath, continued”

Mindfulness of Breath, or ‘Anapanasati’

Mindfulness of Breath, is the classic mindfulness meditation since ancient times, it would seem. It is considered one of the ‘body’ meditations in ancient Buddhism, and the old scriptures capture mentions of various supernormal powers, and attainments which were accessed by the Indian ascetics predating the Buddha. These were ‘divine eye’ a paranormal ability toContinue reading “Mindfulness of Breath, or ‘Anapanasati’”

Mindful meditation

With mindfulness becoming very popular in the last couple of decades, it has become divorced from its’ beginnings. In its journey to the West it had to shed some baggage as well as some babies in the bathwater, which has left it ‘refreshing’ and rather ‘lite’, simultaneously. While popularity, and its marketing appeal will setContinue reading “Mindful meditation”

Meditating under a tree

In the Satipatthana sutta, only Mindfulness of in-and-out breathing describe going to the ‘wilderness, or to the root of a treee, or an empty hut’: ‘araññagato vā rukkhamūlagato vā suññāgāragato vā‘. Does this mean that other meditation methods do not require this degree of physical seclusion? Being secluded, in a retreat, is helpful to manage theContinue reading “Meditating under a tree”

Faith (Saddhā)

Faith is an emotional connection, with someone or something of religious affiliations. Or it could mean a connection with someone or something in a secular sense, as well. Religious faith is transcendental, and promotes unquestioning devotion while secular faith is derived from the testing the waters and then developing faith, or better put, confidence asContinue reading “Faith (Saddhā)”

Mindfulness and remembering everything

Mindfulness is supposed to be focused on the Four foundations of mindfulness, for purposes of traditional mindfulness practice. Mindfulness limits our awareness to a narrower set of objects of awareness. So the idea that a person being mindful must recall everything said and done perfectly and cannot forget anything, is a myth. We can forgetContinue reading “Mindfulness and remembering everything”