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Nibbana and mindfulness

Like light falling onto nothingness mindfulness finds nibbana a nothingness. It is an emptiness with streams of light trying to light it up, like the image above.

Different forms of mindfulness

Mindfulness has often been classified according to the object of its awareness eg: mindfulness of breathing, mindful walking, mindful eating, and so on. Often there’s little mentioned about different ways in which mindfulness can be utilized eg: mindfulness of specific objects, mindfulness of behaviours, mindfulness of biofeedback (‘body hacking’) and mindfulness of behavioral patterns overContinue reading “Different forms of mindfulness”


The term mindfulness predated the introduction of Buddhism to the West.  It was first recorded as myndfulness in 1530 (John Palsgrave translates French pensée), as mindfulnesse in 1561, and mindfulness in 1817.

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